John by Anna Blakely

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John (R.I.S.C. Delta Team #3) by Anna Blakely

He knows she’s keeping something from him. He’s determined to uncover the truth. Not only about who she really is…but also about the man she’s pretending not to hunt.
Delta Team operative John “Rocky” Rockland prides himself on staying focused on his missions and getting the job done. But everything changes when his enticing new neighbor moves in next door. With her striking looks and mysterious ways, Raegan captivates Rocky from their first encounter. As a man used to danger and deception, his instincts tell him there is more to Raegan Perry than meets the eye, and he’s determined to uncover all her deepest secrets.
Former Army M.P. Raegan Perry is haunted by the memory of a brutal ambush that cost her entire team their lives. When a chance encounter leads her to the man responsible, Raegan finds herself on the hunt for a killer. She’s focused and ready, and then…she meets Rocky. Her sexy, enigmatic new neighbor proves to be an unexpected ally, and Raegan soon finds herself wishing he could be more.
As Rocky and Raegan grow closer, they discover a terrorist plot orchestrated by the very man Raegan’s been hunting. With time running out, Rocky and Raegan join forces with Rocky’s Delta Team brothers to thwart the impending attack. But if they can’t stop a madman before it’s too late, the new love they’re only just beginning to discover with be lost…forever.

John – Anna Blakely

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