Jasper by Dale Mayer

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Jasper (Man Down #1) by Dale Mayer

Note: This is an interconnected series where some plot points are not solved until the end of the series, there are going to be 5 books and one novella.

There is no greater motive than bloodlust, DNA, and revenge mixed up in a cocktail of hatred …
Jasper, watching Mason go down, is all-in on the investigation. Taking over the current investigation team, he distrusts everyone. Tesla, his cousin, expects Jasper to get to the bottom of this and fast.
ER nurse Amber isn’t on Mason’s team but knows something major is happening. The hospital is overwhelmed with men, as they want updates on Mason’s condition. A few look like they belong, and then a couple don’t. Taking pictures of those in question, she sends them to Jasper, which starts a cascading chain of events. And none of it good.

Hunting down Mason’s shooter, Jasper is sidelined by keeping Amber safe, when she’s targeted next. He must keep them both safe, … even as the investigation heats up and gets even uglier.

Jasper – Dale Mayer

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