Jane’s Fragile Facade by Jaime Marie Lang

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Jane’s Fragile Facade (Bennet Ladies Liberation #4) by Jaime Marie Lang

Finding love is a challenging journey, especially when you’re perpetually concealing your true emotions behind a facade.

The oldest Bennet daughter responded to her father’s cruelty by adopting a mask of serenity. After all, if she did not react, then he found no enjoyment in tormenting her. Only by the time her father was no longer a threat, she no longer knew how to drop the façade. Despite longing for a love like her sister Elizabeth’s, Jane questions if Bingley can truly perceive her true self hidden behind her mask.
Bingley promised himself that he would give Jane the space she needed to recover from her lifetime under Mr. Bennet’s thumb. However, he is uncertain if he can endure watching the men of the ton relentlessly pursuing her. He knows that they only care for her beauty and not for her kind heart or core of steel. Bingley has long been able to see beyond Jane’s mask, but the question remains: can he make her see his love for her?

Jane’s Fragile Facade – Jaime Marie Lang

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