It’s All You by Linden Bell

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It’s All You (Mars Fitness) by Linden Bell

When your secret admirer is hiding in plain sight.
I’ve been in love with my childhood best friend since forever. But he’s straight and married and lives halfway across the country, so all I can do is try to get on with my life. Until he shows up on my doorstep one day, jobless and newly divorced.

My life has fallen apart and there’s only one place in the world I want to be: with my best friend. But Gavin’s being all weird and cagey and I’m suddenly feeling things I shouldn’t be feeling.
I came to him because he’s safe and familiar, and now we’re standing on the cusp of something new and terrifying. We’ll always be best friends, but do we have the courage to be more?

It’s All You is a friends to lovers, bi-awakening, low angst MM romance between a workaholic who’s harbored a secret love for years and his oblivious childhood best friend who is trying to piece his life back together. Expect couch cuddles, stumbling on ice skates, a packed subway car, and a kiss cam mishap. It’s All You is the prequel to the Mars Fitness series and can be read as a stand-alone.
It’s All You was previously published in the Candy Hearts charity anthology. No changes have been made.

It’s All You – Linden Bell

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