Irreverent Devotion by Niccoyan Zheng

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Irreverent Devotion (Preacher’s Kid) by Niccoyan Zheng

Samuel Ha-neul Cho walks away from his calling, following his first heartbreak. After a successful carrier as a K-pop artist, the black sheep returns to lead the flock. He’s set on doing it on his terms. Especially since it means ruffling the feathers of the woman who broke his heart.
Hannah Wilson Bank has single-mindedly served her congregation. Even when she had to give up someone she loved to do it. After dutifully doing everything she was supposed to, life hands her a crushing blow. But she’s determined to claim her rightful place. Even as she is reeling from the pain.
The obstacle standing in her way? The tattooed former K-Pop star, who not only doesn’t care about convention, but presents a temptation Hannah isn’t sure she can overcome.

Irreverent Devotion – Niccoyan Zheng

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