Interlude by Lexie Winston

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Interlude (Galaxy Circus #7) by Lexie Winston

It’s go day! Time for Lila to rescue her grandmother from a planet that is so inhospitable no one goes there. No one but the hard-as-nails Halla harvesters, but it turns out they have a secret weapon. And it’s that secret weapon that Lila needs to convince to help them.
She will do whatever it takes to persuade him to help, but no matter if she can convince him or not, they’re rescuing her grandmother and reuniting her with her grandpas. Then it’s time to get the circus back on track. With two of her mates expecting, Lila’s family is expanding much quicker than she thought, and they need to establish a calmer more controlled environment to raise all the babies in.
Lila is exhausted and frazzled and that’s not even worrying about all the other problems that are piling on top of each other, and the imminent arrival of two more babies. Will all of Lila’s relationships survive all the dramas or will cracks form in her perfect little life? Only time will tell.

Interlude – Lexie Winston

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