Ice, Love, & Other Penalties by Claudia Burgoa

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Ice, Love, & Other Penalties (Decker Family) by Claudia Burgoa

From bestselling author Claudia Burgoa comes an enthralling single dad, hockey romance that skates through the challenges of forbidden love, healing after trauma, and found family.

They say never mix business with pleasure.
As a single father, and the captain of the Seattle Sasquatches, I’m adamant to keep every corner of my life separate and running perfectly.
That is, until Indie Decker walked into my life.
She’s the team owner’s little sister, my new nanny, and so completely out of my league.
Our first encounter? Pure fire, clashing wills with a passion that ensnared us both. Our second? A tentative truce, maybe even a budding friendship. But at some point, we slid recklessly into a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement, thinking we could stay casual.

Wishful thinking, I know.
With each passing day, our no-strings-attached fling starts weaving threads between us that I’m not ready to cut. Indie’s fierce independence clashes with my need to protect, to heal, and to love her despite her warrines to open up.
But will my steadfast will and soft hands be enough to get through her defenses? Or am I doomed to sit in the penalty box of Indie’s heart?

Ice, Love, & Other Penalties is part of the family Decker but can be read as a standalone.

Ice, Love, & Other Penalties – Claudia Burgoa

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