Ice Cold Heart by Nikki Hall

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Ice Cold Heart (Beyond the Ice #2) by Nikki Hall

Good boys don’t date the coach’s daughter, but a date isn’t what she wants…
Hockey is my life. I play hard, and I don’t lose. The Frozen Four is at my fingertips, but my eligibility is at risk thanks to one frustrating class. Enter Avery Dalton—beautiful, independent, and utterly off limits. She’s my coach’s daughter and his choice for a tutor. Too bad she isn’t interested… Until she offers me a secret deal her dad can never find out about. She’ll help me pass, and I’ll help her forget about her ex. Friends with very specific benefits. Except for one little problem—I can’t stop trying to win her heart.
I don’t date hockey players. I don’t befriend them or kiss them in the library either. No one told Cole Mathis that. His perfect good looks and golden boy reputation are everything I should avoid after my last disastrous ex, but when he needs my help, I offer him a deal. Staying detached should be easy, but my weakness is apparently a hockey playing country boy with a wicked sense of humor and a talented mouth. As we get closer, I cling to my rules and hope he doesn’t figure out the truth—he’s the one person who could break me.

Ice Cold Heart – Nikki Hall

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