House of Darkyn by Crea Reitan

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House of Darkyn (The Harem Project) by Crea Reitan

With my herd murdered and my life quickly bleeding out of me, I run as far and as fast as I can. But they’re on my heels. Right there. I might not make it.

I have less than a dozen breaths left when I finally fall at the feet of a man I hope will protect me. When I eventually open my eyes, it’s to see the darkest souls surrounding me, ready to bring me home.
But the fight with ORKA has only just begun. We’re not just hunting them but they’re hitting back with forces that they shouldn’t have. Just as my life is beginning, it might end before I’ve even enjoyed it.
My name is Blythe and all I want is to feel the love of my family again. A new family now but one just as potent. That is, if we’re not all heinously murdered where we stand.

House of Darkyn – Crea Reitan

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