Hot Water by Loni Nichole

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Hot Water (Summer Lovin’) by Loni Nichole

Saving the small-town sheriff was not supposed to end with him stealing her heart on vacation, but he’s really not playing fair…

Sinclair Midnight
Being gifted a trip to Barbados sounds like a dream, right? Not for me. Sand, the sun, the beach, and a week of babysitting my pain-in-the-butt younger brother is not how I wanted to spend my vacation. Neither was almost drowning when a rogue wave decided to take me out. But being rescued by a curvy little mermaid with an attitude? Well, that changes things. Except she has the wrong impression of me. Now, I have to convince this gorgeous woman that I’m not who she thinks I am. I’m the man she’s going to marry.
Watch out, Amelia Thorne Reynolds, you’re in hot water now, baby.

Amelia Reynolds
Being sent to Barbados for a week is a dream come true. The sun, the sand, the beach, and no overprotective dad cramping my style? It sounds like my idea of heaven. Right up until a hot stranger with a terrible tattoo nearly drowns, and I decide to save him. I really should have let the lifeguard handle it because now the sheriff of Midnight Falls, Texas, is talking crazy, claiming he’s my future. I’m pretty sure he bumped his head because I am so not marrying this man. I don’t think. I mean…probably not. Well, crap. Falling in love is not how my vacation was supposed to go.

Hot Water – Loni Nichole

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