Hot Stuff by Mayra Statham

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Hot Stuff (Summer Lovin’) by Mayra Statham

It was supposed to be a little R&R trip.

Leaving the SEALS wasn’t easy. I was used to being such hot stuff and now I wasn’t so sure who I was anymore. I needed to figure out my next move without the military.
Catching some waves and tossing back a few beers sounded like what the doctor recommended. But my plans go to hell when I bump into a sexy siren. What was supposed to be one night turned into something unexpected.
Just the sight of her smile makes me feel alive for the first time in forever. There are a million reasons I should keep my hands to myself. So why does the thought of walking away feel like a shot to the heart?
When my time is up, can I walk away and let her become a sweet memory? Or do we have what it takes to last a lifetime?

Hot Stuff – Mayra Statham

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