Hot Shot by Kat Baxter

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Hot Shot (Summer Lovin’) by Kat Baxter

I should have said no when the charming, ridiculously hot, arguably too young for me stranger named Max propositioned me. At the time, no last names, no exchange of contact information, and no strings seemed to be just what I needed. But now, I’m facing motherhood all on my own. And I have no way to locate him. Until I do find him in the last place I expect: my brother’s hockey team.

The only mistake I made the night I spent with Charlotte was not insisting she give me her number. I knew from the moment I saw her I wanted any and all strings she’d let me have. Now that I’ve found her again, I’m not letting her go. The fact that her brother is the captain of my new team isn’t the only obstacle in our way. The bigger problem will be convincing her that I’m ready to step up and be the man she needs.

Hot Shot – Kat Baxter

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