Hot Receiver by Brooklyn Cate

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Hot Receiver (Red Zone #3) by Brooklyn Cate

My first love is now my sworn enemy, and I’m about to become his new boss.
I’ll never forget the last football game of my career.
Instead of getting offers from NFL scouts, my dreams were crushed, along with my leg.
All because of one man.
A man I now hate.
He betrayed me. Broke my heart. Shattered my life.
Now I finally have the chance to destroy his.
It won’t be quick and painless.
As the new owner of the Cincinnati Crusaders, I will make him suffer every minute of every day, waiting and wondering how it will all crumble.

Matt Harrison may be even more gorgeous than I remember but even his all-American looks and seductive charm can’t hide the real man inside, the one who bullied me out of an NFL career and stole it right out from under me.
Every time we’re thrown together, the anger and rage forces me to do things to him…things that make me feel like I’m taking back some of the control I lost years ago.

There’s a fine line between love and hate, and it blurs more and more with each day that passes.
But Matt has a secret…and it’s big enough to flip my world upside down.
And I don’t know we can survive the truth.

Hot Receiver – Brooklyn Cate

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