Hostile Love by Autumn Archer

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Hostile Love (Souza Cartel #8) by Autumn Archer

Had she waited a few seconds before running, she would have realized there’s no getting away from me—she’s mine.
I gave her the best gift ever.
Even started a war for her.
I thought I’d won her heart.
And then the unthinkable happened.
They stole her from me.
Me—a ruthless cartel hitman who would happily cross the line.
Finding her has become my obsession.
Except Dani thinks I’m marrying her sister.
So when blood spills and buildings burn…
She runs from me.
However, her sweet taste still dances on my tongue.
And I crave more.
Need more.
I’ll do whatever it takes to make her understand.
She will be mine for the rest of her life.
And no one can stand in my way.

Hostile Love – Autumn Archer

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