Hooves & HeartStrings by Cassie Lein

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Hooves & HeartStrings (Coral Cove University) by Cassie Lein, Alisha Williams

Welcome to Coral Springs, a coastal college town implementing the first monster/human hybrid program.

Lucius is ready for a relaxing summer with his uncle, but a night out at The Rusty Piranha changes everything. Enter Marley, the cute blonde bartender with a sassy smile that knocks Lucius off his hooves—literally, since he’s secretly a centaur. They hit it off with flirty banter, a magical kiss that reveals Marley is his mate.
He can’t tell her because he doesn’t know how she’ll react to being mated to a centaur. As they enjoy a whirlwind romance on the beach, their connection deepens—until Lucius overhears Marley saying something to her friends that shatters his heart. Without waiting for an explanation, he packs his bags and leaves, vanishing from her life.
Marley is left heartbroken and confused, certain that they were in love. As the weeks pass, she prepares to start college, taking on a role as a liaison for the monster hybrid program. To her shock, Lucius is part of her tour group, eager to make amends and win back her heart. But Marley, still hurt and angry, isn’t ready to forgive him easily.

Hooves & HeartStrings – Cassie Lein, Alisha Williams

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