His Wild Attraction by C.D. Gorri

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His Wild Attraction (Wild Billionaire Romance #4) by C.D. Gorri

She needed shelter from the storm. He just needed her.

Ellie Maxwell was a mother trying to protect her son from an abusive ex. Befriending the wives of wolves wasn’t something she sought, but it was something she needed.
It wasn’t easy to pick yourself up after someone tried so hard to knock you down. But with these ladies’ support, Ellie was on her way. That they were married to very powerful men didn’t hurt, either. There was just one problem.
Andres Ramirez.
Called the prince of acquisitions, Andres was a rising star at Volkov Industries. His genius for business was renowned, but his penchant for making Ellie moan was a total secret. One she couldn’t afford to indulge.
Andres’ attraction to the sweet-looking woman was off the charts. She was constantly on his mind, plaguing his dreams with images of the one time they were together. But the woman seemed determined to ignore him.
Just when he thought he might go mad, she called with an outrageous proposition. Marry her to stop her ex? Yes. He could do that. Andres knew Ellie was it for him. This was his shot to prove it to her.
But did the laws of attraction still apply when only one of the players was wild for the other?

His Wild Attraction – C.D. Gorri

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