His Unexpected Heir by Elizabeth Lennox

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His Unexpected Heir (The Billionaire’s Club #8) by Elizabeth Lennox

In Sidrina, Antonio was drawn to his friend’s captivating wedding, where he ignited a passionate affair with a bewitching woman. Though he yearned for her deeply, their union seemed unattainable. Antonio resolved to mend his shattered life and the village, haunted by his father’s imprisonment and a legacy of abuse. He aspired to be a symbol of redemption for the suffering.
Astra, a daring events coordinator, crafted alluring weddings and galas, reveling in evoking unspoken desires. Destiny took a scandalous turn as Astra secretly conceived from their tryst. Unaware, her next assignment would intertwine her fate with the father of her unborn child.
Amidst tangled emotions, communication failures, and lurking danger, Astra and Antonio fought to reclaim their bond while Antonio’s father plotted from behind bars.

In this tantalizing saga, desire and peril entwined, tempting them to embrace their forbidden fire. Would they succumb or crumble under their passionate reckoning?

His Unexpected Heir – Elizabeth Lennox

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