His Tesoro by Emilia Rossi

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His Tesoro (Empire of Royals #1) by Emilia Rossi

I’ve always dreamed of romance, but this wedding is strictly business.

I’ve spent years hidden away to protect my father from the shame of having a defective daughter. The head of the Bratva can’t be associated with weakness—and to him, that’s all I am.
That is, until a marriage alliance gives him the opportunity to finally be rid of me.
As I head down the aisle towards my mysterious husband, I hope I’m moving towards love and freedom. But Matteo makes it clear he wants nothing to do with me.
I wish I could return his coldness, but the dangerous Don sets my body ablaze whenever he’s near.

My life has been defined by betrayal.
A family traitor murdered my parents, and I’ve carried their blood on my hands all these years. I learned long ago not to open my heart.
As head of the Five Families, I’ve always controlled my city, but with enemies rising up on all sides, a marriage alliance is my only way forward. Except, my bride is not what I expected—and now she’s consuming my every thought.
But when my trust is shattered again, I’ll go to any means necessary to protect the Family.

His Tesoro – Emilia Rossi

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