His Secret Mate by Delta James

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His Secret Mate (Alaskan Tails #2) by Delta James

Two worlds collide in the Arctic when a woman on a mission stows away on the plane of a grumpy dire wolf shifter with a mysterious past.

In the frozen expanse near the Arctic Circle, veterinarian Lara Dixon is on a mission to save Tasmanian Devils and their shifter counterparts from a deadly genetic disease. Defying all advice, she ventures out alone and gets caught in a blizzard.
But as fate would have it, Lara is not alone. Stranded at a remote research station, she must rely on the rugged caretaker and pilot, Orion Nightshadow – a dire wolf-shifter with a dark past. As they fight to survive in the midst of the storm, an unexpected bond forms between them, one that goes beyond mere survival.
When she leaves the station during a blizzard to find the plant she seeks, Orion is not happy with her at all but he won’t let the storm take his fated mate away from him.
As the blizzard finally subsides and rescue becomes possible, they face a new challenge: the end of their isolation and the return to their separate lives. Will their love be enough to overcome their differences? Can they unlock the secrets that could change the fate of the shifters?

His Secret Mate — Delta James

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