His Primal Attraction by C.L. Cruz

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His Primal Attraction (Rugged Peaks #3) by C.L. Cruz

A nerdy biologist gets more than she bargained for when a rugged tracker awakens her wildest desires in the brutal backcountry.

I’m an awkward book nerd, more at home in a lab than the wilderness.
When I’m hired for a mountain lion study, I need a gruff local guide to keep me alive.
Enter Tucker—a rough, powerful loner who’s all primal instinct and chiseled muscle.
One glimpse of his untamed intensity stirs forbidden cravings I can’t resist.
He represents everything wild and dangerous, yet I ache to be claimed by this mountain man.
Can I shed my shy exterior and surrender to our primal attraction?

City women are way too soft for my extreme world. Or so I thought…
When I meet Rhylee, her quiet determination and lush curves intrigue me.
I crave to make her mine, to awaken the unleashed passion she’s been denied.
One taste, and she becomes my obsession—the mate my body demands I claim.
No rules, no inhibitions.
Only the primal hunger between a mountain man and his woman.

Embrace the wild in the ‘Rugged Peaks’ series, where curvy women and rugged mountain men find passion and adventure in the heart of the Rockies. Each sizzling instalove story is as breathtaking as the mountain vistas.

His Primal Attraction – C.L. Cruz

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