His Mafia Captor by Jude Steel

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His Mafia Captor (His Mafia Men #1) by Jude Steel

There’s no way out. I can’t escape Enzo Vitale.

But as the ruthless underboss of the Chicago Outfit holds me captive, do I even want to?
Kidnapped after witnessing a brutal mafia hit, I’m at the mercy of this cold-blooded criminal. Yet I see the way he looks at me—like he’s fighting his darkest desires. Like he’s losing that fight.
And I’m losing mine. I can’t resist him. Enzo is a force of nature, and I’m powerless against his storm. Whatever he wants, I’ll surrender to him. I’m already his.

In the gritty underworld of mobsters and forbidden desire, my sunshine soul is drawn to his shadowed heart. As an intense, combustible attraction ignites between us, will the ultimate choice have to be made between the life he’s always known and the pure love I offer?

His Mafia Captor – Jude Steel

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