Her Viking Dragon Prince by Sky Purington

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Her Viking Dragon Prince (Viking Ancestors: Age of Embers #4) by Sky Purington

She’s a modern-day diplomat who refuses to take sides in disputes. He’s a medieval Viking Dragon Prince who will steal her away and give her no choice.

When Zoey learns she’s destined to travel back in time to a turbulent era in tenth-century Norway, she’s eager to bring peace to its warring kingdoms and end long-standing blood feuds. That means finding her way to a fierce Viking king at the root of the strife. A man, however terrifying he may be, she’s determined to reason with. Little does she anticipate his rival, Magnus, also known as the Dragon Prince, kidnapping her before she can make it that far.

Eager to confront Zoey and get her opinions out of his head once and for all, Magnus heads to the future only to find a beautiful but obstinate woman determined to seek out his enemy, Zane, so she can try to make peace. More importantly, she’s set to meddle in affairs she couldn’t possibly understand, giving Magnus no choice but to steal her away.
Will Magnus be able to keep Zoey from escaping and causing more harm than good? Or will she find a way around him and bring peace he doesn’t want? Find out in their exciting, push-and-pull, steamy adventure.

Her Viking Dragon Prince – Sky Purington

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