Her Runaway Vacay by Jen Atkinson

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Her Runaway Vacay (Sunkissed Summer Novellas #4) by Jen Atkinson

Sometimes even the most responsible and sensible of girls needs a vacation…

I had big summer plans… none of which included Hawaii. I was going to garden. I was going to paint my fence. I was going to purchase a hamster.
Hawaii was never the plan.
When my weasel ex tried to steal our vacation tickets for himself and his new girlfriend, it just happened.
So, I’m in Hawaii. On vacation. Sure, I’ve got expectations…

I expect reading on the beach. I expect mocktails by the pool. I expect a week of twiddling my thumbs and organizing my photos app.
I did not expect Kal.
Somehow my new Samoan god-like acquaintance convinces me to spend my week exploring, to spend it spontaneous, to spend it adventuring.
To spend it with him.
No, Kal was something I never expected, neither was falling in love.

Her Runaway Vacay – Jen Atkinson

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