Her Runaway Duke by Ellie St. Clair

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Her Runaway Duke (Noble Pursuits #1) by Ellie St. Clair

A runaway bride. A reclusive duke. A beastly beginning turned into a beautiful love story.

Running away from her wedding was Lady Siena’s first act of bravery. Facing her future is the second. When she is saved in her flee by a mysterious figure, she is shocked to finally discover his true identity.
Driven out of London by rumours and rejection, the grieving Duke is but a shell of a man. When he reluctantly saves a woman during one of his nightly rides, little does he realize the ramifications of his act of compassion.
For Lady Siena sees more than his face — she sees the soul of the man beneath. When demons threaten from within and beyond, will they find a way forward together or allow them to break them apart?

Her Runaway Duke – Ellie St. Clair

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