Her Irish Dark Knight by Bryce Keene

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Her Irish Dark Knight by Bryce Keene

I’m the prime suspect in a Mafia murder, and the only one who can save me is the man who broke my heart.
Reuniting with my first love at his wedding was a cruel twist.

I was there to cater the event, not to rekindle old flames. I had no idea he was the groom. And when the bride drops dead after tasting my frosting, all eyes turn to me.
Ronan Gallagher, the man I once loved, is convinced I poisoned his wife-to-be out of jealousy. And now, I am his captive.
He locks me up to keep me close… But every confrontation blurs the line between hate and desire, and our forbidden attraction becomes impossible to resist.
With my life hanging by a thread, I must prove my innocence before Ronan’s enemies, or his own doubts destroy me.
Will our rekindled flames save me, or will they burn us both to ashes?

Her Irish Dark Knight – Bryce Keene

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