Her Cold-Hearted Alpha, Part 1 by Moonlight Muse

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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha, Part 1 by Moonlight Muse

Kiara Westwood was the 18 year old daughter of two Alpha parents. But she was born without one of the basic abilities of a wolf. Wanting to escape from the protection and concern of her family and pack which suffocated her. She moves to the pack of the Lycan King himself.
Alejandro Rossi. Fearless, ruthless and cold-hearted. Alejandro cares for nothing or no one and that’s the way he liked it. He believes his sole purpose is to contain the danger that threatens their very existence.
At 34, Alejandro had not found his destined mate, nor has he taken one of choice. Fucking women was just a past time and he didnt have the heart for love nor the interest.
That was until Kiara stepped into his life, like a breath of fresh air or a storm on a hot summers night. Under the blood moon, by a cruel twist of fate they realise they are mated.
Will Kiara be able to make her way into his frozen heart and revive any emotions he is capable of?
Or would he destroy her completely in the process?
This is Part 1 of Her Cold-Hearted Alpha: Book 2 of The Alpha Series (Part 1).

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha, Part 1 – Moonlight Muse

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