Her Alien Boss by Ivy Knox

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Her Alien Boss (Stranded on Earth #4) by Ivy Knox

When Naomi agreed to play the part of Kyan’s assistant to spy on him, she never expected to find the one person who could make her whole again.

Naomi Zhao is a Chinese-American vampire who desperately misses her former life. Once a successful OBGYN, Naomi is used to saving lives, not ending them to feed. She manages, barely, but when her refusal to kill turns into blackmail, she finds herself spying on an arrogant CEO to learn his secrets.
Kyan Monroe is disgusted by the state of the world. Before coming to Earth, he was a skilled assassin who felt most at ease snuffing the life out of his targets. This dark desire hasn’t waned. He spends his days as the CEO of a media company, but his nights are spent training a pack of shifters to become cold-blooded killers. Why? To deliver his own form of vigilante justice to the real monsters roaming the streets.
Once Naomi becomes Kyan’s assistant, they learn how much they have in common, despite being polar opposites. Their connection is magnetic, and the professional line between boss and assistant blurs into a hot, spicy mess.
Just as they start to realize the depth of their feelings, the truth comes to light. Dragons, shifters, and vampires collide in the most horrific way possible, and nothing short of a miracle can mend their shattered bond.

Her Alien Boss is the fourth and final installment in the Stranded on Earth series, featuring a plus size, 33-year-old Chinese-American vampire who hates being a vampire. She wants to drink blood in peace and hang out with her crow best friend, Felix. But when she’s forced to take a job as assistant to an impossibly hot CEO, her world shifts and her life suddenly has meaning.

Her Alien Boss – Ivy Knox

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