Heartless by Cassie Verano

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Heartless (Carolina Heat #1) by Cassie Verano

Dance instructor and studio owner Meadow Maxwell was raised to understand that anything worth having has to be earned. Married to the man of her dreams, she only has one wish: to become a mother. Meadow’s seemingly carefree and perfect life is upended when a stranger walks into her studio and assaults her, setting the stage for the beginning of her downfall.
Onyx Maxwell was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He’s never been denied anything that his heart desires. The one thing that he and his wife both want seems to have been denied him, and he doesn’t understand why. Incapable of handling the senseless attack on his wife or her ensuing depression as she pushes Onyx away, he finds comfort in the arms of his first love.
As the thermostat creeps into three digits this summer, their marital tension mounts, causing Meadow to take desperate measures to escape her pain. When a devastating decision lands Meadow in the hospital, Onyx faces the consequences of his actions.
He has to turn away from the only woman who’s ever understood him and stand by the only woman he pledged his life to. Will his love be strong enough to save his marriage, or will their shattered hearts be too far apart to reconcile?

Heartless – Cassie Verano

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