Heart of Gold by Ariel Atwater

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Heart of Gold (Heart of Gold #1) by Ariel Atwater

Danny Hartman is a rising star of the US men’s gymnastics team, known for his laidback attitude and million-dollar smile as much as his high-flying skills. Sure, he’s gunning for that Olympic gold medal—and maybe a little more anxious about it than he’ll ever admit to anyone—but his favorite part of international competition is making new friends along the way. Like the quiet, green-eyed Russian who has him questioning a few things about himself…
Sasha Zakaryan doesn’t have time for distractions. He’s not a lock to make Russia’s Olympic team—unlike his best friend, Kirill Kazakov—which means he has to prove himself to his coaches and the government officials who control the team selection, despite knowing that some of them consider his Armenian heritage a mark against him. The last thing he wants to deal with is an annoyingly attractive American who thinks everyone’s his “bro.”
But when Kirill humiliates Danny after a competition, Sasha tracks Danny down to apologize, sparking an unlikely friendship that turns into something more. As they chase their Olympic dreams on opposite sides of the world, their growing feelings for each other are tested by time differences, competition schedules that only align once or twice a year, and the reality that it might not ever be safe for Sasha to come out of the closet.

With the pressure on—and the clock ticking to the Olympics—can Danny and Sasha stick the landing, or will it all come crashing down?

Heart of Gold – Ariel Atwater

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