Healing of the Heart by Emily Hayes

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Healing of the Heart (Hearts Medical Romance #5) by Emily Hayes

They hate each other, don’t they?
This is an Enemies to Lovers, Forced Proximity Lesbian/Sapphic Romance between Surgeons. It is steamy, yet sweet and always a Happy Ever After.
Dr. Amory Paver and Dr. Blake Gold have a long standing rivalry since medical school ever since Blake slept with Amory’s girlfriend.
Now they are both top surgeons in their field and they are sent on a mission to a remote village in Africa together.
Only they don’t realise who they will be working with until they get there.
They will have to share a cabin and there is only one bed.
Sparks fly between them and long buried feelings are stirred up.
Those feelings are still hate, aren’t they?

Healing of the Heart – Emily Hayes

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