Head in the Game by Rebecca Rathe

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Head In The Game (Forbidden Goals) by Rebecca Rathe

Bryant Nicks is the head football coach for the Groveton College Jackals, determined to do anything to push his team toward a championship season. When scouting out new players, Nicks comes across a rookie running back that impresses him both on and off the field. His attraction to his student runs deep, but Nicks knows better. Instead, he finds himself pushing the young player to the ends of his abilities, curious how much it will take to break him.
All playboy Jack Perry has ever been good at is playing football. So when he gets an opportunity to play at a top school with a full scholarship, he jumps on it. But it’s more than just the opportunity that reels him in. The heat and intensity he feels when he’s around his new coach is visceral. He’ll do anything to make his coach proud.
Head In The Game is part of the Forbidden Goals series of forbidden MM sports romance standalones. You can read these books in any order.


Head In The Game – Rebecca Rathe

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