Harlan Unleashed by Stacey Wilk

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Harlan Unleashed (Team KOA Alpha #2) by Stacey Wilk

Retired Navy SEAL, Harlan Fender, heads to Hawaii for a retirement party. What starts out as a vacation with his teammates, quickly turns into something he never imagined and hadn’t bargained for, including a beautiful, smart woman who needs his help.
Eminent College President, Storm Richards, escaped to Hawaii because someone tried to poison her at work. She doesn’t know what to do except hide where no one knows her.
When Kilauea volcano erupts, Storm and Harlan’s paths collide. Meeting a handsome stranger is the last thing on her mind, but this formidable man might be the only person she can trust.
Even while retired, Harlan lives by the SEAL’s code. He must put Storm’s welfare above his own. A killer is out there, and Harlan has the skills to catch this person.
Storm and Harlan must work together to solve this mystery while giving love a chance. But time is running out, and like the hot lava slithering toward town, the killer is only steps behind.

Harlan Unleashed – Stacey Wilk

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