Hard Bargain by Scarlet Blackwell

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Hard Bargain by Scarlet Blackwell

Would you sleep with a stranger for money to save your best friend’s life?

Rupert the German Shepherd is the only light in Austin Bale’s dark, lonely life. Working a minimum-wage job and existing hand-to-mouth, his world is ripped apart when Rupert is critically injured.
Austin can’t afford the $2700 fee to save his dog, but notices the ghost of interest in the veterinarian’s eye.
So he offers the only thing he can. Himself, for one night.
Lynton Brooke wrestles with his conscience but he’s sick at heart and married to his job. He wants the chance to have Austin warming his sheets even though he knows it’s wrong.
When things get complicated, can both men find something lasting and real?

Hard Bargain – Scarlet Blackwell

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