Grey’s Rescue by D.M. Earl

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Grey’s Rescue (Blue Sky Sanctuary #1) by D.M. Earl

One former military hero. One wildlife lover. And the animals who saved them both.
Relatively new to the Blue Sky Sanctuary, Grey Nottingham is desperately trying to find his bearings in a world he knows nothing about. Still reeling from a mission that crashed and burned out of his control, Grey searches for solace in a safe haven that specializes in the struggles that former military heroes face. But when he encounters a beautiful, determined, and compassionate woman who will do anything to protect the Montana wildlife, Grey suddenly knows his purpose.

Abigale Styeeks loves nature–and after finishing college she’s dedicated her life to defend innocent and protected wildlife–even if it means bringing danger to herself. When the gorgeous and tortured Grey Nottingham brings her some tortured wolves, Abigale launches an all-out mission to save them. Despite her efforts, the ranchers will stop at nothing to destroy the wolves that threatens their livelihoods. Now, battling the ranchers and saving the animals being hunted becomes Grey and Abigale’s new mission. Teaming up, the two find more than the answers to protect the endangered animals. Grey makes it his mission to protect Abigale and the wildlife from the vicious ranchers. But will they end up rescuing Grey from his own personal demons?

Grey’s Rescue – D.M. Earl

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