Glow by Kristian Parker

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Glow (Pleasure Seekers #3) by Kristian Parker

Scott Fitzgerald is looking for love. Both his flatmates have met their forever someones—when will his turn come?

Then things at work get hectic after a consignment of Pleasure Seekers’ finest toys goes missing. There’s a thief in their midst and Scott has to find out who it is.
Enter Prin Lau, the handsome IT technician who’s escaped Scott’s notice until now. When they’re thrown together, it’s not just the hunt for the villain that makes Scott’s heartrate rocket.
But Prin has fled to Brighton to escape family problems. When he decides it’s time to face them head-on once and for all, where will that leave a barely begun relationship?
With so much distraction, Scott must keep his eye on the prize—and come to understand what he’s really willing to fight for…

Glow – Kristian Parker

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