Gideon by Audrey Bell

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Gideon (Ride With Me) by Audrey Bell

Can the tough older biker and his forbidden younger lover survive betrayal and heartbreak in order to reach their Happily Ever After?

When I catch a filthy, feisty little spitfire of a woman trying to steal my motorcycle, my protective instincts go into overdrive. Judging by the bruises on Larissa “Liss” Coleman’s body, she’s been in fight-or-flight mode for a long time.
I’m determined to help Liss get back on her feet and she’s hellbent on fighting me every step of the way. Her wickedly sharp tongue and bratty attitude make me want to bend her over my knee until she’s moaning my name instead of mouthing off.
Then the secrets of Liss’s past begin to rear their ugly heads, and I’m faced with the realization that my feelings for this woman who has wormed her way into my heart will put my motorcycle club at risk.

All I wanted to do was escape my abusive brother. Instead, I find myself manhandled in the best way possible by the Road Captain of the Blackjacks MC: Gideon “Big G” Decker.
He’s twice my age, with a steely-eyed gaze that would make anyone’s knees turn to jelly. And I really shouldn’t find all those tattoos on his arms so sexy, especially for a fifty-year-old dude. On top of that, he sees something good in me. Something worth saving.
I know better than to fall for a man I can’t have and Big G checks all those boxes–hot, sexy, loyal, and reliable, even when I endlessly test the limits of his patience. Besides, when I’m forced to ruin everything in order to save my own skin, how could he possibly love me after that?

18+ only. This is a standalone romance, with no cliffhangers and no cheating. Includes themes of violence, abuse, language, and sexual situations intended for mature audiences.

Gideon – Audrey Bell

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