Ghostly by Kate Serzenta

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Ghostly (Perks of Being Paranormal #1) by Kate Serzenta

He thought ghosting was just a dating term…

Daring lawyer Gabriel Vane has his dream job, a luxury high-rise apartment, a glamorous lover, and a massive scandal on his hands, possibly connected to said lover. To save his career, he needs to vanish—and what better place to hide than a dilapidated Victorian house in a sleepy town? He expects nosy neighbors and bad plumbing, but not a peppy ghost with anxiety issues.
Eternal incorporeal life has its perks, but after decades of binging sitcoms and lifestyle magazines, Ida Huxley wants proper, human company. Too bad her newest tenant—and the first person able to see her in over a century—is a work-obsessed, cynical snob.
In exchange for some peace and quiet, Gabriel agrees to fulfill the terms of a mysterious contract that will allow Ida to pass on and not end up a vengeful spirit. When sparks (and haunted objects) begin to fly, they have to either risk their carefully planned futures, figure out how to get sensual in two different planes of existence—or somehow bring Ida back to life.

Ghostly – Kate Serzenta

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