#Ghost by Ashton Brooks

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#Ghost (Midwest Boys) by Ashton Brooks

I pushed Mila away to save her soul.
Because my own was tarnished before I could even talk.
When she whispered she loved me, I knew the best thing to do was to leave.
I continued my business, completing tasks that even the strongest members of Rogue can’t do.
I’ve mastered how to be invisible.
I move in the shadows as a ghost amongst the deadliest criminal organizations.
No one has been able to find me.
Until her.
One summer night my life is upended and soon thoughts and emotions I’ve never had consume me.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.
I’m designed to protect by any means necessary.
I thrive on the fear of the enemy.
I live for their vendettas.
I ruin their empires.
After all, I am what stands between the monsters and the weak.
I didn’t plan for Mila.
And I never considered she might be deadlier than me.

#Ghost – Ashton Brooks

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