Fury by Stoni Alexander

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Fury (Vigilantes #7) by Stoni Alexander

I live to chase evil. Signed up for the job. And I do it damn well.
The bad guys think I’m one of them. Every. Single. Time.
When tragedy strikes the Santini family again, I’m done. Flat-out done. No more playing by the rules. I become an assassin, hunting down and eliminating monsters, all while being one of the good guys.
Welcome to my Jekyll and Hyde life.
Even with the mayhem, I got this. What I don’t have is the stunning blonde who’s back in my life. She was my first. The one who stole my heart, then ruined me for any other woman.
Years ago, when I learned the truth about her, I dumped her. And I never looked back.
Biggest. Mistake. Of. My. Life.
Now I gotta prove I’m the one she’s meant to spend her life with. Hard to do when she hates me with a passion.
There’s a razor-thin line between love and hate. All I gotta do is tip the scales in my favor…

I live life on my terms, but it wasn’t always that way.
Years ago, life was good. Then it turned into a raging dumpster fire, and I plummeted to hell. Climbing out took everything I had… and the kindness of a stranger. That stranger turned out to be someone I would walk through fire to keep safe.
I’m a fighter and a survivor. I depend on no one, distrust most, and I’m beyond loyal to my ALPHA family.
You got an issue with me… I don’t give a damn. So when Carrera Santini returned from who-the-hell cares, I don’t give him a second thought.
I do, however, give him a second glance.
But that’s all I’m gonna give him…
Until the universe throws me a curve ball.

Fury – Stoni Alexander

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