Forked by Ruth Cardello

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Forked (Lighthearted Utensil Romance #1) by Ruth Cardello

Is that an earthquake or is your fork happy to see you?

Imagine a WWII super soldier and his unit were trapped in cutlery by the government and the only way they could transform back was by being intimate with a woman . . .
Shortly after moving to a new city, Mercedes buys a set of antique silverware from an estate sale and discovers she has a preference for one particular fork. Is the man who appears when the fork disappears real or a salacious fantasy?
If he is real, is he crazy or could he actually be what he claims to be?
Are you open-minded enough to accept him as he is?
And fall in love with a fork?
Find out how far Mercedes is willing to go to save him and his friends in SPOONED and KNIFED.

Cautionary warning:
The spicy scenes in this novella are purely fictional. Please do not attempt to re-enact any of them at home. I don’t want to hear that my readers FAFO (Forked Around and Found Out). Tines hurt. Let’s keep the forks on the table where they belong.

Forked – Ruth Cardello

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