Forget Your Morals by Sarah Blue

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Forget Your Morals (The Carlson Brothers #2) by Sarah Blue

He was supposed to be a stranger, someone on the other side of the wall who’s there to please me and me them. No matter how much I try, I can’t stop thinking about the man who can make my fantasies come to life in a way no one else has. Nothing could have prepared me for the reveal of my mystery man.
I was supposed to be working on myself, trying to figure out my identity outside of my family or a boyfriend. Which led me to explore my desires at the local club, Avalon. And what I found there was more than I bargained for.
He’s not just funny, attentive, and slightly obsessed with me. He’s also the last man I should be falling in love with.
I was on a mission to find out who I was, and I did, just in the arms of a man who is forbidden to me—Lincoln Carlson. I just hope we don’t destroy our families in the wake of our desire, because no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to stay away.

Forget Your Morals – Sarah Blue

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