Forced By the Alpha by Luna Walker

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Forced by the Alpha (Rosewood Wolves #2) by Luna Walker

The Alpha forced me to be his mate. Next, he gets me pregnant…
He’s much older than me and the Alpha of the enemy.
To punish my pack, he kidnaps me and puts me in his house.
I hate his guts. And yet I can do nothing but watch my belly grow bigger and bigger…

I’m told I’m nothing but a broodmare, a means to grow their pack.
I’m told that willingly or not, I’ll give their pack what they need—a baby.
But I won’t be his mate and will escape this hellhole.
They may drag me to the mating ceremony, but he will never own my heart.

And yet, alone with him in an isolated cabin, I give in to what my body wants most.
It wants his hands on forbidden places that only he can open up.
It wants his body close to mine, tenderly giving it what only he can give it.
But once I’ve given him the baby he wants, will he throw me away like a rag doll?

Or am I the Alpha’s fated mate?

The mysterious wolves of Rosewood are hunted, haunted, and protective as hell. If they choose you as their mate, you don’t stand a chance. They will heal their cruelty, soothe your pain, and love you ruthlessly no matter the consequences.

Forced by the Alpha – Luna Walker

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