For the Record by Juliana Smith

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For the Record (Wells Family #4) by Juliana Smith

After accidentally marrying her best friend on a last minute Vegas trip, Rachel decides that instead of getting an annulment, she and Adam could reap the benefits of marriage and play the system for his military benefits. This platonic, no-strings-attached marriage should, on paper, be easy. No problem. An incredibly attractive man putting a ring on her finger and bringing flowers home to her has no effect on her decision to keep this unattached. Except the more Adam plays into the doting husband role, the more Rachel is seeing a life with him as more of a reality than a dream. Her priorities lie with her job and taking care of her dad, but her marriage has potential to make all of that slip away.
Having Rachel as a wife made Adam’s life almost perfect. Only there was a key piece missing in their marriage that he needed to share with her, despite it possibly driving her away entirely. Forced to overcome his fear of losing his closest friend, he is reminded that what happens in the dark must eventually come to the light.

For the Record – Juliana Smith

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