For the Love of Lily by Olivia Lockhart

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For The Love of Lily (Lily #1) by Olivia Lockhart

Lily Forshaw loves her life, her job, and her best friends. Romance? Not on her radar. So, when a blind date with Zack leaves her unexpectedly smitten, she’s completely caught off guard.
But Zack isn’t the only one vying for her affection. As her heart becomes entangled between two very different men, Lily tumbles into an emotional whirlwind.

Lily hasn’t found ‘The One’, she’s found ‘The Two’.
With a troubled past haunting her, friendships hanging in the balance, and two passions pulling her in opposite directions, which future will Lily choose?
Can she truly have it all, or will she be forced to make an impossible decision?

For The Love of Lily – Olivia Lockhart

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