Fool’s Gold by Ava York

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Fool’s Gold (Bounty Hunter Bites #1) by Ava York

Traps aren’t only made of steel. Sometimes, they’re forged from desire.

I’ve spent years as the servant of Landar, a cruel smuggler who delights in tormenting me. When the Vinduthi bounty hunter Kaelith kills my master, I seize my chance at freedom. But to earn it, I must lead Kaelith to Landar’s secret treasure trove. As we face the horrors lurking in the depths of the derelict station, I find myself drawn to this lethal predator. His touch ignites a fire within me, but can I trust a man who kills without mercy?

Bounty Hunter Bites are shorter stories set in the universe of the Vinduthi. Each one is a steamy snack of science fiction romance goodness.

Fool’s Gold – Ava York

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