Fired Up by Gigi Templeton

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Fired Up (Spiced Right #2) by Gigi Templeton

Avery Reed knows how to fire up the grills! And with his piercing blue eyes, the rugged pitmaster makes women’s mouths water, including Layla Jenson’s. She’s a YouTube cook-off host who’s spotlighting talented BBQ cooks across the country. Her current project is a bunkhouse cook showdown—and former pitmaster pro Avery holds the key to its success.
Unfortunately, Layla’s running from a troubled past. And Avery has his own demons nipping at his heels.
When Layla visits the TRIPLE R to ask Avery to be on the show, will their scorching chemistry seal the deal? Or will their complicated pasts tear them apart?

Fired Up – Gigi Templeton

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