Fire Peak by Jennifer Bernard

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Fire Peak (Firelight Ridge #2) by Jennifer Bernard

Charlie Santa Lucia knows all about trouble; that’s what happens when you’re a secret Robin Hood targeting corporate greed. For Charlie, being able to spring her father from prison for a crime he didn’t commit was worth all the trouble in the world. But it appears she’s gotten sloppy; a handsome PI is on her tail, and he chases her all the way to the only place she can find safe harbor—with her friends in Firelight Ridge, Alaska. When she takes a job at stunning Fire Peak Lodge, she’s promptly plunged into a mystery that finds her embroiled in even more trouble that she’s used to.

Nick Perini never leaves a job unfinished, but Charlie has so far bested him at every turn. The brainy beauty gave him the slip in Alaska…which is a place his newfound teen daughter happens to want to visit. Chasing Charlie, getting to know his daughter, and solving mini-mysteries for the locals makes for a pretty hectic “vacation.” When Charlie gets him tangled in a case involving the area’s most majestic mountain, his holiday goes from hectic to downright hazardous.

The deeper Nick and Charlie dive into the mysteries of Fire Peak, the closer they come to unearthing forty-year-old secrets that some will do anything to protect—and one secret that others will kill to claim.

Fire Peak – Jennifer Bernard

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