Fire and Moonlight by CJ Ravenna

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Fire and Moonlight (The Lycanthrope Protection Agency #6) by CJ Ravenna

When childhood friends become enemies, can they find their way back to each other again?

When hunters slaughtered his family and the boy he loved betrayed him, Vicenzo “Vico” Salvatore lost everything. Years later, he is reunited with the boy he once loved—now a man—, and Vico finds himself with a pack never asked for, and haunted by memories of the love he shared with Eddie. All wolves need a pack to stay human and sane, and the more Vico distances himself, the more dangerous he becomes—to himself and others.
If Vico can’t let a new family into his heart, he will lose himself to the feral madness of his wolf forever.
Eddie Turner hasn’t known freedom ever since his cruel uncle forced him to become a hunter of his own kind. But that all changes when he’s rescued by the Lycanthrope Protection Agency. Reunited with the man he once called his fated mate, Eddie’s determined to soften Vico’s grumpy heart with smiles and patience.
One smoldering night is all it takes to turn them from enemies to something more, but just as the pair begin to dream of a future together, the past comes back to hunt them down. This time, Eddie and Vico must stand together as mates if they want to protect their found family once and for all.

Fire and Moonlight is the sixth and final book in The Lycanthrope Protection Agency series. It features childhood sweethearts turned enemies to lovers, a grumpy hurting wolf and his sunshine mate, found family feels, and a happily-ever-after. While this is a standalone, it is best to read Gabe and Max’s trilogy first, starting with To Hunt a Moonborn Beast.

Fire and Moonlight – CJ Ravenna

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