Finding Emotion by Amber Warden

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Finding Emotion (Last Shot Tavern) by Amber Warden

Skylar has always lived life her way.
Skylar Reece often leaps before she looks. That was true when she ran away as a teenager to tour with her first band. The same instinct causes her to plant one on fellow singer Damon Lynch during a live interview. She’d been trying to cover his media misstep, but he seems much more deliciously flustered after the kiss.
Damon is the last person meant to be a rock star.

Damon hates that the media took his crazed-fan situation and twisted it into insecurity on his part. Caught floundering, rescue comes from an unexpected source. A source that includes hot lips and tongue and a knowing smirk. If he’d thought his dweebie past made him an imposter before, fake dating the epitome of the rock lifestyle was only going to make it worse.

But it turns out there are a lot more layers to Skylar than he ever imagined. Dark and painful ones. When her past rears its head, Damon wants to help her like she did him, and real emotion flares.
His fans are ecstatic. All but one. That fan wants to take away everything. Especially the person that has become his world.
With angsty pasts healed through love, and heroes who are gentle everywhere but in bed, The Last Shot Tavern series contains interconnected standalones with no cliff hangers and all the steam.

Finding Emotion – Amber Warden

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