Feral Possession by Stephanie Storm

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Feral Possession (Inner Beast #5) by Stephanie Storm

Not even the darkest of shadows can cage the light of the moon…

It’s hard not to feel betrayed when the one person who swore to never abandon Dove hands her over to a disfigured vampire lord, claiming it’s for her protection. Dying of boredom becomes a distinct possibility when the vibrant necromancer is stuck in a penthouse that feels more like a cage. Until late one night, while breaking the surly aristocrat’s rules, she discovers her protector is hiding more than his scars.
As one of the most envied vampire lords in the underworld, Marcus Steele had it all until a trusted friend attempted to end his life. While he survived the attack, more than his pretty face was destroyed in the explosion. Revenge is an impossible dream until the answer to his problems skips across his doorstep.
If Dove fails to unravel Marcus’s dark secret, he stands to lose more than his title. Can a free-spirited faerie save a broken vampire lord from the demons that haunt him? Or will the shadows of their past destroy their future?

Feral Possession – Stephanie Storm

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